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Support & Help: Headsets, Harnesses & PTT


1) Before using the system, check the Radio units are displaying the same frequency settings and try them as “walkie talkies” to check for correct operation. Depending on which radio you have purchased, the headset input sockets are usually found on the right hand side of the radio. The radio inputs are usually protected by a rubber cover which can be easily pulled away. Connect the Harness, Headset & PTT together. Connect the harness to the Radio unit and press the PTT button. Observe the transmit indication on the radio to confirm proper operation. Hold the microphone to your lips, press the PTT button and speak firmly, a receiving radio should hear your voice.

2) Peel the paper from the pads of the speakers, fit within your helmet to line up with your ears. If you wish, the speakers can be removed from the pads and recessed behind the helmet lining. Do not put them behind the polystyrene padding, as the sound will not be able to reach your ears!!


3) Slide the end of the microphone boom arm, up between the cheek pads and helmet shell, then bend into position so that the mic is just touching your lips. (Putting a curve in the boom arm shape will help it stay steady)

4) The wires should be tucked carefully into the lining & seams of the helmet. The main lead with the waterproof connector needs to hang down from the side of the helmet. (Possibly between the helmet shell and inner lining. How much lead you have outside the helmet is your choice. As this lead is sometimes subject to "tugging" use suitable glue or sticky tape to secure it to the helmet.


Depending on which Radio you have purchased it is recommended that the battery has an “overnight” charge.

Thereafter the battery can be used as soon as the charging lights indicate.

Battery life will improve after the first 10 or so charging cycles.

Tips for use

1) Give the radio time to get into transmit mode by pressing your Ptt button early,  ½ - 1 second before you speak.

This will stop your team missing your first word.

2) Using a “trigger” word such as “OK” before speaking will alert your team that you are talking to them & it gives them a split second to “listen-up”.

These practices will ensure that you and your team have good, clear communications.


Can’t hear very well at speed = Check your helmet speaker alignment is correct for your ears.

Poor transmission / reception = Try to mount your antenna as upright as possible. If the radio is lying down

under your seat, it will have much poorer performance than if you mount it more upright. (See IntaRace Remote

Antenna kits to improve performance)

Check mic is close to your lips, and the battery is charged

Your Complete Kit comes to you pre-set and individually checked prior to shipping.