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MRTC Compatible Communications

We understand that a lot of Karting and Motorsport teams may already have existing MRTC communications products, systems or helmets that they are currently using in competitive events, that’s why we ensured that we have a selection of adapters readily available for purchase not only for MRTC, but for Stilo, Peltor and many more!

Spare Parts:


            Wiring harnesses & PTT

            Radios & accessories

            Pit Crew Spares


Full car to pit kits:

Adapters (Stilo, MRTC, Autotel etc):

We offer a conversion service for MRTC headsets!

Looking to use an MRTC Headset with other communication systems? (Autotel, Peltor etc)

 Please contact us with your requirements!

MRTC Adapter

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