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Support & Help: Radio 630 Series

Radios: IntaRace 630 Radio Instructions

On/Volume knob:

Twist the knob Clockwise to turn the radio ON. After a few seconds the radio will bleep and a voice will announce the channel it is set to.

 Twisting it fully anti-clockwise will turn the radio OFF

 Twisting the knob clockwise will increase the volume, anti-clockwise will decrease the volume.

Channel Knob:

 Twisting the knob clockwise will sequentially select between channels 1 to 16. Any channels not programmed will result in continued bleeps to let you know that the channel is not programmed for use.

Red Button on Top:

 This button has no function and has been disabled.

PTT Button:

 This "Press To Talk - PTT" Button is located to the side of the radio. You need to press it firmly until a RED LED shows on the top of the radio. Keep pressing whilst you speak and release when you finish talking. It is good practice to press for about 1/2 second before you talk to allow the radio to go into transmit mode and for the receiving radios to "wake-up" into receive mode.


 The radio has a built-in microphone hidden inside the speaker grille. It is good practice to speak across the microphone rather than directly into it. This gives a far clearer voice transmission.

Small Button below PTT:

 This button is disabled

Bottom Button below PTT:

 This is a "Monitor" button that turns OFF the squelch and allows you to listen to faint transmissions. Press and Hold to activate.

Battery pack:

 To remove the battery pack, slide downwards the two tabs on the sides of the battery until the battery releases from the radio.

 There should be no effort to removing the battery and the use of force may result in damaging the connection mechanism.

 To insert the battery, engage the lugs at the bottom of the radio case and swing the top of the battery into position. Slight pressure on the battery should assist it’s correct connection into the mechanism at the top.


 Plug in the charger base into a suitable 230v ac mains socket and turn the socket ON. Place the radio, or just the battery pack, into the charger base, making sure that the battery pack engages the lugs in the drop-in compartment.

 The light will go red until the radio is charged, whereupon the light will either go out or go green depending on which model base you have been supplied.

 Average charging time for a fully discharged battery is about 6 hours.

IntaRace 630 Radio to PMR446 Radio Frequency Guide

The 639 channels also contain CTCSS & DCS (Sub channels), so in order to have proper 2-way communications, you must set the PMR446 radio to both the main channe AND the CTCSS / DCS channel as indicated

639     PMR446

Channel No Channel No. CTCSS

 1         1 : 10

 2         8 : 08

 3         3 : 13

 4         6 : 05

 5         4 : 17

 6         2 : 18

 7         7 : 19

 8         5 : 07

 9         1 : 14

 10       8 : 15

 11       3 : 16

 12       6 : 06


 13       4: 132

 14       2: 155

 15       5: 134



FULL Radio Instructions (639)