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Kart Racing Two-Way Radio & Bluetooth Communications

Our race communications systems are extremely easy to use.

There are two types of system available:

 2-way radio or Bluetooth.

The kart to pit communication systems work like this:  The driver is equipped with a microphone and in-ear speakers within their helmet. This then connects to a radio transmitter/receiver that goes inside the car, or a Bluetooth unit attached to the helmet allowing the driver to communicate with the pit crew through the use of a very simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) button for radio, or just talking via Bluetooth.

The pit crew also have a radio or Bluetooth unit and a headset with microphone and speakers to talk back.

Spare Parts:

 Karting Headsets

Karting Radio Wiring harnesses & PTT

Kart Racing Radios & accessories

Pit Crew Spares

Kart to Pit Communication Systems:

Full Karting Two-Way Radio System

Adapters (Stilo, MRTC, Autotel etc)

Full Kart to Pit Communications System (Bluetooth)

IntaRace Motorsport Race Kart radio Kart to Pit kits with wired headset speakers, Nexus-type military connectors, available in VHF, UHF PMR446

Kart Racing Communications

Two-Way Radio Or Bluetooth?

When choosing between Two-Way Radio and Bluetooth Communications you will have to consider that both methods of communication have their respectable strengths and weaknesses, being aware of them will not only give you a good idea of which will work better for you and your team, but will also give you an appreciation for how these systems actually work.

Below are our own observations reached through thorough testing and use.


Kart Racing Radios:


Karting Bluetooth Headsets:


Kart Racing Radios:


Karting Bluetooth Headsets: