Kart racing two-way radio & Bluetooth communications

Our race communications systems are extremely easy to use. There are two types of system available:

 2-way radio or Bluetooth.

The kart to pit communication systems work like this:  

The driver is equipped with a microphone and in-ear speakers within their helmet. This then connects to a radio transmitter/receiver that goes inside the kart, or a Bluetooth unit attached to the helmet, allowing the driver to communicate with the pit crew through the use of a very simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) button for radio, or just talking via Bluetooth.

The pit crew also have a radio or Bluetooth unit and a headset with microphone and speakers to talk back.

Positives of each system:

2-way radio – Great transmission range (half mile or more), compatible with other radio makes, lots of accessories available, Very easy to set up and use.

Bluetooth – Simple operation, very clear audio, no buttons to press, no external wires to contend with.

Negatives of each system:

2-way radio – Can get interference from other users if on same channel. Wires and transmit buttons can be a distraction.

Bluetooth – Limited range (1 kilometre at most), little compatibility between makes and models so you must use compatible kit.

Full kart to pit two-way radio system

Full kart to pit communications system (Bluetooth)