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Kart racing two-way radio & Bluetooth communications

Types of system available:...

kart racing pit to driver communications systems are extremely easy to use. There are two types of system available:

2-way radio & Bluetooth.

Integra complete kart radio system

How it Works


The driver is equipped with a noise cancelling microphone and either helmet speakers as standard or (optional) in-ear speakers. The in-ear speakers protect the driver from hearing damage (especially important for young drivers) and ensure they hear the pit radio clearly.
The helmet headset then connects to either a radio transmitter/receiver that is fitted to the kart, an "Integra" 2-way radio or Bluetooth unit mounted on their helmet, allowing the driver to communicate with the pit crew through the use of a very simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) button for radio, or just talking via Bluetooth.

The pit crew also have a radio or Bluetooth unit and a headset with microphone and speakers to talk back to the driver.

Our latest "Integra" kart radio system is unrivaled for performance and flexibility.  It looks and fits like a Bluetooth unit onto the driver's helmet, but is actually a 2-way radio, so has none of the range or "line of sight" issues associated with Bluetooth.

The driver activates the radio with a wireless Bluetooth PTT button that velcros securely to the steering wheel for convenience.

The matching Integra pit crew headset also has an integrated 2-way radio. No wires.

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Positives of each system:

2-way radio – Great transmission range (a good mile or more), compatible with other radio makes & models, lots of accessories available, Very easy to set up and use.

Bluetooth – Simple operation, very clear audio, no buttons to press, no external wires to contend with.

Negatives of each system:

2-way radio – Can get interference from other users if on same channel. The driver must press a button on the steering wheel to communicate.

Bluetooth – Limited range (1 kilometre at most), little compatibility between makes and models so you must use compatible kit. Bluetooth is strictly "Line of Sight" if you cannot see the driver, you cannot communicate.