Driver to pit kits and track marshal radios for short / long term rental.

We like to keep things simple: You pay a full price deposit. Keep the equipment as long as you need it and when you return it we deduct the rental charge from your refund.

Your rental starts on the day of delivery to you and ends on the day of receipt back to us. You are responsible for the return costs. Any damaged or missing parts will be deducted at list price.  Please call 01527 908 658

UK Rentals:

Drive to pit 2 way kit

From £ 75 per week

Driver to pit radio kit
Analogue radios

Driver to pit digital radio kit

From £ 95 per week

Driver to pit radio kit
Digital radios

650 Rental set

From £ 60 per week

Set of 6 marshal radios
Earpieces included