Pit Crew and Race Marshal radios

Pit crew headsets, radios and Bluetooth

Best quality pit crew headsets...

Our radio & Bluetooth pit crew / marshal communications systems are extremely easy to use.

Additional pit crew radio kit

About pit crew headsets?

Single or multiple members of the pit crew or marshalling team will be equipped with a microphone and speakers in a “can” pit crew headset. This then connects to a radio transmitter/receiver or Bluetooth unit  allowing the crew to communicate with the driver through the use of a very simple Push To Talk (PTT) button.

Included with new features such as BTH “Behind The Head” design that allows wearing of hats and caps!

Industry leading super noise-cancelling microphone to ensure crystal-clear communication.

High standard boom microphone arm for exact positioning to your lips.

Integrated Volume Control and PTT (Press To Transmit) Button for increased convenience.

Super-Soft ear cup cushions for Ultimate Comfort and hearing protection!

2nd audio input for race scanner / 2nd radio etc.

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