Pit Crew Headsets, Radios and Bluetooth

Our radio & Bluetooth pit crew / marshal communications systems are extremely easy to use:

Single or multiple members of the pit crew or marshaling team will be equipped with a microphone and speakers in a “can” pit crew headset. This then connects to a radio transmitter/receiver or Bluetooth unit allowing the crew to communicate with the driver through the use of a very simple Push To Talk (PTT) button.
Included with new features such as BTH “Behind The Head” design that allows wearing of hats and caps!
Industry leading super noise-cancelling microphone to ensure crystal-clear communication.
High standard boome microhpone arm for exact positioning to your lips.
Intergrated Volume Control and PTT (Press To Transmit) Button for increased convenience.
Super-Soft ear cup cushions for Ultimate Comfort and hearing protection!
2nd audio input for race scanner / 2nd radio etc.