IntaRace, Peltor, Sparco helmet headset


IntaRace, Peltor, Sparco helmet headset

Nexus-type 4-pole connector plug.

Noise cancelling microphone on a Boom arm for perfect positioning of the microphone.

3.5mm mono socket for speakers / in-ear monitor speakers. Other fittings can be supplied – call 01527 908658

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Can we use a different make of Helmet headset with your system?

Yes, Peltor, Sparco and Bell = plug straight in.
Stilo, Autotel, IMSA etc need a simple adapter available on the site.

Can we use different in-ear monitors with your headsets?

Yes, Our headset have a 3.5mm MONO socket, but we can either change the socket to match whatever you are using, or make a simple adapter to allow you to plug in your own monitors.