Kart Driver to Pit radio 2-way kit


Kart driver to pit radio 2-way kit.

Kart Driver to Pit radio 2-way kit comes with everything included for a driver to communicate both ways with the pit engineer. Additional drivers or pit crew members can easily be added. Perfect for 24hr endurance racing as the batteries are designed to last the full race without need to recharge.

Kit includes:
1x Professional pit crew headset with built-in 2-way radio and charging lead.

1x Kart wiring harness to link the driver to the radio and the PTT (Transmit) button.
1x Radio connector lead (interchangable for different radios).
1x Steering wheel PTT (Transmit) button with velcro strap for easy installation.
1x Weatherproof radio mounting pouch.
1x Kart radio with battery & charger.

1x Driver noise cancelling microphone headset with 3.5mm mono audio output socket
1x Set of in-ear speakers with memory foam sleeves. (Helmet speakers can be purchased separately if required).
1x Helmet headset extension lead.

The kit includes everything you see in the picture. If you want to add multiple drivers click on the “Additional Driver Headset Kit” and you can adjust the quantity at checkout.

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