Integra complete kart radio system


The Integra complete kart radio system is the ultimate solution for kart racing. It looks like a Bluetooth unit but is actually a 2-way radio.

The Driver fits the Integra to the helmet with the provided docking clamp for a secure installation. The noise cancelling microphone is fixed directly to the docking clamp so there is no need to fit the mic separately. The driver can use the included in-helmet speakers or plug in a set of in-ear monitor speakers if preferred (available separately)

The driver has a Bluetooth PTT (Press To Transmit) button that velcros securely to the steering wheel = completely wire free.

The Pit crew use the professional headset which has a radio integrated within the headset = no separate radio and no leads.
A PTT button is fitted to the top of the left ear-cup for Press To Transmit. The “Behind The Head” design allows you to use hats for promotion, sun / rain.

The units have 16 PMR446 channels and will be programmed with one of 50 random CTCSS privacy codes, giving 800 potential channels to prevent interference with other teams.

The Integra system allows unlimited number of drivers and pit crew / engineers on the same team.

2-way radio signals are not restricted to “line of sight” like Bluetooth.  At tracks where the drivers disappear behind hills or other obstacles Bluetooth will cut out, whereas the Integra radio will keep communicating.

Battery life for the driver PTT and radio is approximately 10 – 12 hours of normal use. The Pit crew headset is rated at over 20 hours of normal use.
Both units can be charged from a USB power source such as a powerbank, perfect for endurance racing.

There is NOTHING currently on the market like this system for performance, clarity and range.


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